My Review on John Barban’s Venus Factor

Venus Factor Review Many “Venus Factor Review” websites out there provides no insights about this weight-loss program. They do not tell you what is in the manual, or what is it like in the membership page. In fact, most of them did not even purchase the program! They simply B.S all the way just to push the product. What a joke! Well, you do not have to worry here: we have actually bought the program and examined every single detail to write this honest Venus Factor review so that you can judge whether this weight-loss program is for you.

About The Venus Factor Program

The Venus Factor is an unique weight-loss system that specifically targets body re-shaping as well as weight loss for all women out there who are strongly determined to obtain the ideal figure. This 12-week body re-shaping and fat loss program is classified into three stages in which each of them lasts four weeks long. This outstanding fitness program was developed by one of the most trusted names in the field of fitness and health none other than John Barban, a reknown and popular fitness trainer online and an expertise in nutrition, biology, and physiology. In addition to this, during each of the stages, users can have the chance to utilize the complete regime that comes with videos, pictures and detailed explanations and not only that you are also provided with a particular workout plan which users can latch onto.

What makes the Venus Factor a complete fitness program for women is the fact that it comes with very useful weight loss and a primary diet manual. Apart from this, the tips and easy exercises in the program can be performed anywhere you want; be it at your own home, inside a gym or wherever you feel like doing them. In the program, you are also entitled to a special membership page that have step-by-step video demostration videos of the easy exercises, a personal online community in which users can get connected with the other members of the program, a digital nutritionist software application that evaluates certain protein and caloric requirements particular for body measurements and users may also browse other blogs of the members or go over the forum to learn more tips. Once purchased, you will also have access to the Venus Catalog Podcast where other members share their fat loss testimonials and on how they utilized the system to achieve their desired fitness objectives.

Most weight loss programs out there always talk about the same topic: carbohydrates, sugar, fats, metabolism, .etc. It’s the same B.S recycled over and over. But in the Venus Factor program, the author unveils the human hormone that is responsible for weight loss and weight gain. The hormone is called Leptin. This hormone helps to regulate your body’s metabolism and appetite, and ultimately contributes to your weight gain or weight loss. The more Leptin hormones you have the better as it signals your body to crank up its metabolism to burn more fat. However, if you have low amount of Leptin hormones in your body, it will cause your body’s metabolism to be lower and it also signals your body to store more fat! Surprisingly, dieting just makes matter worst as it will make your leptin hormones decrease further. Pregnancy also lowers the hormones. Thankfully, the author of the program will help you avoid that from happening and he will teach you the ways and methods to keep your Leptin hormones high and steady to help you lose weight effectively and quickly!

What You’ll Get When You Purchase The Venus Factor Program:

  1. The main exercise manual contains the secret and knowledge to lose or gain weight (yes, gain) and know which part of the body needs this to achieve the perfect and attractive figure. In the manual, you can also have access to useful tips on the most excellent workouts, plus diets to help you achieve your target quickly and effectively.
  2. Users will also find the system’s 12-Week Fat Loss Method which comprised of simple to follow instructions and techniques such as demonstration videos in terms of the most effective and appropriate workout plan your body needs.
  3. Simple, easy yet very effective and practical workouts that can be done at home.
  4. A software that will aid you calculate the amount of proteins and calories your body requires. In the same way, this will help you calculate the precise calorie amount your body requires depending on specific aspects like body type, metabolic rate, .etc.
  5. Get access to the system’s so-called Venus community that has more than a thousand members who have already utilized the system in the past. Here, you can ask questions or obtain important advice from those people who have gotten successful results from the program.
  6. Free bonuses which composed of three bonus eBooks such as 17 Cheat Books That Burn Fat and many more.

What Are The Advantages And Benefits of The Venus Factor Program?

  • The exercises included in the program are painless and easy to implement (as compared to other popular weight loss programs out there); there are even pictures and videos demonstration to guide you. Any woman can easily follow them and this will make it easier for them to get the results they want quickly.
  • This program is the best choice for any woman of any fitness level and weight they’re currently at. This program can be followed and implemented by any woman, regardless how young or old she is.
  • The Venus Factorsystem isn’t just about weight or fat loss, it also helps you to get the ideal and perfect body figure.
  • What makes this weight loss program more unique is that users need not bother much about their calorie intake and limiting themselves from their favorite treats or foods. What makes the program far different from other fitness programs of today is that it actually encourages women to continue eating their favorite foods (whether is it pizza, pasta, or other ‘unhealthy food’ as deemed by society) and to eat moderately but not to avoid most foods altogether.
  • The system is definitely value-for-money and it is affordable. Likewise, you need not take any expensive supplements when you follow the program, and no costly equipments needed. All you need is to follow the simple exercise routines which can be done at your own home. Also, you will find the correct diet tips to be very helpful.
  • This female workout program is a risk-free investment because if you ever find yourself dissatisfied with the product you can ask for a refund! Yes, an unconditional 60-Days Money Back Guarantee is provided.


Essentially, the Venus Factor System is completely distinct from other fat loss systems available in the market today. It is increasingly becoming so well-known because it clearly teaches you the fastest ways to shed excess body fat and it provides the secret formula to obtain that to-die-for proportionate body shape which men will find so attractive and irresistible and which other women will become jealous of.For a minute here, think about the benefits you will get when you invest in the Venus Factor program. Imagine, after just 12 weeks, you will have the kind of body shape you have always wanted and dream of just by following this easy and effective weight loss program! Decide now and be the woman with a supermodel figure that men can’t get their eyes off. You need not worry about the yo-yo weight loss effect (where you lose but gain all back later) as the program will help you prevent that from happening. And the best part is that you need not be envious of other sexy women out there for you too can have that sexy and seductive figure.

Grab your own copy of Venus Factor and start the great journey for a new you! For only$47.00, your life will change dramatically and forever!Get it now and discover why more and more women all over the world are raving about this one great fitness program.

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